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A lot is happening!

Thu Jun 23, 2005, 2:43 AM
1000 Pageviews.... YEAH!
Finally i got over the 1000 mark. Lets keep those watchers coming, so i can add a zero to that soon ;)

Well as you might know by now, my journal entries are well dispursed over the time ;)
not to say they are a rare event and shouldnt be missed ;)

So whats new...
I got myself a new camera lens. Its a Vivitar Macro 100mm ... so there will be a lot of macro shot coming up.

Also i started experimenting with black and white film... first film is getting developed this week so there will be a few b/w s coming out the week after.. lets hope they turned out alright...

As the weather turns out to be fantastic here in Hamburg, i had a little photographic session with a friend of mine in the "Speicherstadt" which is part of Hamburgs harbor and is mostly used for storage purposes but is more and more becoming a "real" city-like feel, as they start building the "Hafen City" with new Hotels and Appartements and everything people would need...

So i did a few shots down there, some of them were alright but nothing that really lifted me of my feet. Just to let you know they were quite "experimental". I uploaded a few of the ones i really liked though have a look:



Hope you like them..
comments as well as favs ;) are as always much appreciated.

Last Words: If you like what you see, spread the word.

Jannis aka. meemo
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sucadu Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
cool. looking forward to those pics!
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June 23, 2005